The Parenting Matters Online Course - Early Bird Price!

The Parenting Matters Online Course - Early Bird Price!

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Based on the latest research, Parenting Matters is an interactive, fun and highly effective online parenting course and community.

Free 7-day money-back guarantee if you don't love it!

About the course

Follow our material at your own pace, online, anytime. Become a member of our parent community, where you can get support and share your experiences.

Split into easy daily exercises, the course lets you make effective improvements around your schedule (even if it’s a busy one!)

We look at the two sides to being a good parent, Love and Limits.

Love means being a supportive parent, and Limits is about being an assertive parent. Through improving your Love & Limits your child will feel more secure, leading to happier more confident children. We have also seen a boost in achievements at school by 10-20%!

What you’ll get

  • Solutions to your greatest parenting challenges
  • Easy and effective ways to connect with your child
  • Daily bite-sized tips and exercises
  • Parenting videos and feedback on your progress
  • Access to a supported Community of peers
  • Happier home and more confident parenting
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If you have children aged 2-10, this is the place for you!


Our course is thoughtfully split into engaging and inspirational sessions, designed to fit seamlessly into any schedule.


We’re here to support you on your journey with your child and yourself as a parent.


Our safe and secure community connects you with likeminded parents looking to achieve similar goals.