We have created a fun online course, Parenting Matters. Through entertaining videos, cartoons and exercises where you try out new ways of communicating, you will get closer to your child and understand what makes them tick. They will become calmer, more helpful and learn better.

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Bite Sized Exercises

Split into easy daily exercises, the course lets you focus on improvement around your schedule (even if it’s a busy one!) so you can focus on learning when it suits you, and spend the rest of the time experiencing the benefits.

Rules: Part 2

Play: Part 1


Track your Family Star

Take the Family Star quiz throughout your journey with us and track the changes in yours and your child’s behaviours from when you first started, to where you are now! The family star quiz can help you see what areas you are struggling with the most and what you should be focusing on.

We look at the two sides to being a good parent, Love and Limits.

Love means being a supportive parent, and is the foundation of everything.
Limits is about being an assertive parent.

Through improving your Love & Limits your child will feel more secure, leading to becoming happier and more confident.

We have seen a boost in school achievements by...


How we breakdown Love and Limits in the course



Meet the team behind Parenting Matters Online

Prof Stephen Scott

Professor of Child Health and Behaviour, King's College London

Dr Clare Bailey

GP, Parenting Specialist, Bestselling Author

Dr Michael Mosley

Acclaimed Health Broadcaster & Author

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