Please put your pyjamas on now and stop messing around. I know you like playing with your sister, but if you pop your pyjamas on now, you can have more time to play with her after

Usually say: Come and put your shoes on, it's time to go. Could say: please could you put your shoes on and then we can go out.

Stop playing ball in the house I know you want to play ball but the house is not the right place

Eating their tea by themselves... I'd love to see you eating with your knife and fork - let's all do it at the same time, then mummy and daddy can eat without having to feed you too!

Your clothes are on the floor! Hang your clothes in your wardrobe or put in the laundry basket please.

Please can you brush your teeth now, it's time for bed. We all need to brush our teeth before going to sleep at night