We offer one-off seminars which can also be arranged in schools or in the workplace for groups of interested individuals on particular subjects such as: Sibling Harmony - reducing rivalry and restoring relationships Parenting Styles - strict, laissez faire, permissive...what sort of a parent are you? Don't Let Them Press Your Buttons - conflict management for parents Quick Change & ‘Quality Time’ - how to slip from work mode to connecting with your kids on return & ways of encouraging the development of language and creativity through play Teaching your child independence and resilience The psychology of success - develop a 'Growth Mindset' and motivate your child Constructive Approaches to Discipline - more co-operation, less confrontation Why can’t I have that? Setting Boundaries - and be comfortable being consistent Sleep Problems Managing the Teenage Years - and improve communication, co- operation and motivation Maternity and Beyond - juggling and adjusting in the early days and other common childhood issues. Further Interest
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