Evidence suggests that support provided to both mothers and fathers around this crucial time can have long term benefits in improving bonding, supporting the couple relationship and in helping parents feel happier and more in control. As a result there is a smoother adjustment to the inevitable changes in their work-life balance. With attitudes changing and the Government intending to "encourage shared parenting from the earliest stage of pregnancy", both partners need the opportunity to have access to practical advice and support at this vital time. Following the Work and Families Act 2006 , many companies are using Keeping In Touch days ('KIT days') to help retain female staff after maternity leave. Their aim is to help women after they have had a baby to come to terms with the dual role of mother and worker. Parenting Matters offer on site or telephone based sessions (group or individual) for parents to be and to those on maternity leave. antenatal preparation sessions post natal debriefing involving partner & supporting each other expectations and reality of parenthood resilience & managing the return to work practical advice; support for weaning, sleep issues and developing a routine creating realistic action plans and developing strategies to cope with managing a career and a baby. The support and confidence gained will help parents to feel satisfied and successful in both spheres - at home and at work.
Maternity and Beyond
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