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The Foundation Years (3-9 years) At this age, you are still very much the key element in your children’s lives. Not only are they continually learning by copying how you behave, but they are also changing and developing fast. As the issues you are confronted with change, responses which worked a few months ago may need changing. So you may face challenges such as – coping with their strides towards independence & and ‘me do it!’ demands; adjusting to school; challenges to boundaries; knowing when to offer choices; when not to take the bait; when to stop and really listen; how to motivate and boost self esteem; how to build more positive relationships; to teach resilience whilst being clear about expectations and using constructive consequences... None of this is obvious, yet all of these skills can be learnt. Lay down good foundations at this age, and the benefits will lead to a smoother journey through the teenage years and will last for life.