Our courses help parents develop a 'Tool Kit' of parenting skills to transform family life, improve relationships and feel confident to deal successfully with issues and challenges in the future. Run in small groups to maintain individual input and support Usually with 2 trained coaches allowing more opportunity for parents to fine tune their skills Two hours weekly for nine weeks (with a break for half term) Relate to other parents facing similar challenges and pick up tips Discuss what is reasonable to expect of your child at different stages such as what responsibilities to give them as they get older or agreeing reasonable boundaries for bed times, homework, screen time…all personal choices, but helpful to have a sounding board so you can feel more confident and more able to be consistent. Each course involves structured and practical workshops covering several specific skills each week along with discussions and opportunity to rehearse how to make them work for you. A detailed course manual is provided along with weekly handouts, summaries and specific tasks to try out at home along with feedback following each session. At present, courses are mainly held in the following areas: Central London, West London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Surrey, in addition to courses held in the workplace.
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