Rule of The Rota
April 18th, 2011
Are you getting exasperated by your kids failing to do chores despite your requests, cajoling and nagging?  How about setting up a rota to help avoid your household descending into a lawless war zone (our living room by Sunday evening). There is something magical about the Power of the Rota  –   displayed for all to see with the official status of the written word, non negotiable and presented right there on the ...   Read more...
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When I say no, I mean NO...or do I?
April 18th, 2011
When you say no do you…

Say no, then give in after a long battle Shout no you can’t from another room and hope for the best Say no, oh well maybe this time only, but next time. Say no about 15 times, apocalyptic threats, then shoutSay no, and mean it?   Read more...
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Does Whining Work For Your Child?
April 17th, 2011
I was watching a TV program recently which followed a young mother who was finding it really difficult to wean her five year old daughter from the breast. "Mummy! I want titty" , ….twenty minutes later, after increasing wails of  "I want titty, NOW!", eventually her exhauseted and exasperated mother shouted "OK, you can have some ******* titty!", and despite having to remove layers of clothes, bra and a ...   Read more...
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